Cape Collective Assist is a crew collective based in Cape Town, South Africa. The Collective aims to develop the careers and skill sets of creatives within the photographic and fashion industries in South Africa.

We provide photographic crew, production crew and hair & make-up and styling assistants to production companies, creative agencies and brands for commercial photographic and film production in Africa.

The Collective facilitates various development programs for aspiring photographers in Cape Town. Through its technical workshops, creative talks, portfolio reviews, photographer test programs, handbooks, online content and socials – young creatives in Cape Town have the opportunity to join and learn from a community of like minded individuals within the photographic and fashion industries.

Collective Professionalism

Lighting Assistants

Digital Technicians

Production Managers

Production Assistants

Hair & Make-Up Assistants

Stylist Assistants

CCA provides professional crew for on-set management and support to photographers, producers, hair and make-up artists and stylists. As a collective, members strive to work as a team to operate at an efficient and effective performance level based on the CCA Way and set etiquette.

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