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On your next stills shoot, you’ll probably have kitted out for everything. Photographer, lighting, crew, talent, studio space – the works. But the one thing you leave out could be what gives you the most value. And that’s video.

Whether your material is fashion, product-based or branding, images are key. Still images capture moments, but moving images tell stories. Lake Productions & Cape Collective Assist are leading the charge.

Aesthetically, there’s no replacing stills. As long as we have models and studios in which to capture them, stills illustrates your brand and engages your digital audience. But social media’s focus has moved towards video in a big way. Global brands’ now grow their following with short, punchy videos alongside stills. There’s no doubt this will continue to dominate social feeds everywhere, and this is where the best return on spend lies. So next time you have a stills shoot, choose from one of our dedicated videographer/editor packages into the mix. We’ll complement your visuals with a slick set of moving images that speaks to your audience – and you’ll love our professional approach and fast turnaround time.

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