Nick Burton-MooreLighting | Digital



I’ve grown up here in Cape Town. Once I completed my studies I travelled and worked around the world, roughing it and trying to immerse myself in foreign unfamiliar situations and cultures. I found these experiences broadened my mind and moulded me as a person. For the past 2 years I have been back in South Africa assisting a number of different photographers & videographers. Both forms of picture, whether it be moving or stills fascinates me and I will continue to dive deeper into these mediums. With regards to stills I’m currently working as Ulrich Knoblauch lighting assistant & with video I work with Ross Hillier as an assistant, second camera or drone pilot/aerial cinematographer.


BA in Multimedia Design and Brand Communication – Vega School of Brand Leadership

Photographic Interests

I see myself working in fashion, but at the same time keep passionate about personal projects, video, portraits & lifestyle photography.


Drone Pilot | Graphic Designer | Skippers License

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