Maxine ElphickDigital | Lighting

Growing up, I always had a camera at hand and photography became the focus of my life when I made the decision to study it in 2012 at the Stellenbosch Academy of Design and Photography.

I am undeniably passionate about photography and everything it entails. I am enthusiastic, driven, and always willing to learn. I absolutely love what I do and I know photography will always play a significant part in my life.

Everything around me, the changing environment, nature, city life,
photographers, friends and family are some of the things that get me going and constantly inspire me. The photographic medium is my way of channeling my thoughts, reflecting how I see the world and also how I would like the world to be seen. It provides me with the freedom to explore things that I never thought I would and has opened my eyes to a whole, new and exciting world.


BA Degree in Visual Communication, major in photography. Cum Laude. (Stellenbosch Academy of Design and Photography)

I did a photographic course in Durban with Angela Buckland.

Photographic Interests

Nothing thrills me more than that moment when you know you have got the shot. What unfolds is this involuntary spark, this raw, intimate connection between the photographer and the subject. I am confident that my photography skills, my hunger to learn new things and my ambition will propel me into the world of fashion.Thus I would like to become a fashion photographer.


No not yet. I am hoping to do a makeup course and learn French.

I know how to drive a Landy – does that count?

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