Gabrielle HolmesDigital | Lighting | Retoucher

Born and raised in Cape Town, I have been creative from the word go. I have a passion for the creative work that goes into producing a well crafted finished product. I enjoy being a part of the creative process from start to finish. Attention to detail, an ability to solve problems and able to think creatively whilst on the move are qualities that have served me well. I have experience in retouching, photographic creative direction, lighting assisting as well as personal assisting.


Diploma in Photography from the Ruth Prowse School of Art (2012)

Photographic Interests

Everything about photography excites me. From the styling to the lighting set up, I love planning and working through different approaches to come up with the best ideas that will work for the shoot. I love building an image up from scratch, but at the same time I appreciate the candid, unplanned, decisive moment style of photography that cannot be structured or controlled. I love anything from food photography to street portraiture and documentary.



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