Meet the CORE Team of photographic and fashion assistants. The collective’s CORE Team is a versatile crew of individuals at various levels of their development. All members of the CORE Team have completed a probation period before becoming part of the collective.

Browse assistants below based on experience level and skill set. Personal profiles are available for each assistant to view and download. For further information and assistant rates please contact the CCA booking agents.

  • Niela Gie
    Niela Gie MID: Production Assistant
    • Ted Saczek
      Ted Saczek MID: Production Assistant
      • Justin Coomber
        Justin Coomber Mid: Lighting
      • Reinhardt Swart
        Reinhardt Swart DEVELOPING: Production Assistant
        • Ramsay Milongwe
          Ramsay Milongwe SENIOR: Production Assistant
          • Michael Holmes
            Michael Holmes DEVELOPING: Production Assistant
            • Darren Viret
              Darren Viret SENIOR: Production Assistant
              • Mzonke Maloney
                Mzonke Maloney SENIOR: Production Assistant
                • James Banda
                  James Banda MID: Lighting & PA
                  • Kyle Woolam
                    Kyle Woolam DEVELOPING: Production Assistant
                    • Shaun Carr
                      Shaun Carr SENIOR: Production Assistant
                      • Stuart Purchase
                        Stuart Purchase MID: Production Manager & Lighting
                        • Talitha Snow
                          Talitha Snow Mid: Digital & Lighting
                        • Tatyana Levana
                          Tatyana Levana MID: Digital & Lighting
                          • Hugh Frost
                            Hugh Frost SENIOR: Digital & Lighting
                            • Tom Maltbie
                              Tom Maltbie DEVELOPING: Photo Assistant
                              • Sean Steenkamp
                                Sean Steenkamp DEVELOPING: Photo Assistant
                                • Nicole Vrahimis
                                  Nicole Vrahimis DEVELOPING: Wardrobe Assistant
                                  • Ipsita Govender
                                    Ipsita Govender DEVELOPING: Wardrobe Assistant
                                    • Elie Benistant
                                      Elie Benistant DEVELOPING: Photo Assistant
                                      • Curtis Golden
                                        Curtis Golden DEVELOPING: Photo Assistant
                                        • Tiisetso Moreki
                                          Tiisetso Moreki DEVELOPING: Photo Assistant
                                          • Tauriq Dolley
                                            Tauriq Dolley DEVELOPING: Photo Assistant
                                            • Stefan Venter
                                              Stefan Venter DEVELOPING: Photo Assistant
                                              • Sibongile Mditshwa
                                                Sibongile Mditshwa DEVELOPING: Photo Assistant
                                                • Reinhardt Swart
                                                  Reinhardt Swart DEVELOPING: Production Assistant
                                                  • Nicola Suttle
                                                    Nicola Suttle DEVELOPING: Photo Assistant
                                                    • Michael Goldsmid
                                                      Michael Goldsmid DEVELOPING: Photo Assistant
                                                      • Laikin Adams
                                                        Laikin Adams DEVELOPING: Photo Assistant
                                                        • Kyle Woolam
                                                          Kyle Woolam DEVELOPING: Production Assistant
                                                          • Joel Steinhagen
                                                            Joel Steinhagen DEVELOPING: Photo Assistant
                                                            • Dewald Bruwer
                                                              Dewald Bruwer DEVELOPING: Photo Assistant
                                                              • Conrad Kieser
                                                                Conrad Kieser DEVELOPING: Photo Assistant
                                                                • Carl Holman
                                                                  Carl Holman DEVELOPING: Photo Assistant
                                                                  • Sherzaan Suleman
                                                                    Sherzaan Suleman Developing: Make-Up Artist
                                                                    • Leandro De Sousa Benito
                                                                      Leandro De Sousa Benito Developing: Wardrobe Stylist
                                                                      • Michael Holmes
                                                                        Michael Holmes DEVELOPING: Production Assistant
                                                                        • Alexandra Townsend
                                                                          Alexandra Townsend DEVELOPING: Photo Assistant
                                                                          • Alex Oelofse
                                                                            Alex Oelofse DEVELOPING: Photo Assistant
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