Creative Sessions: Stefano Moro van Wyk & Andile Buka – August 2016


The third instalment of the Creative Sessions series in August 2016. We invited established Italian fashion photographer Stefano Moro van Wyk and emerging local photographer Andile Buka to take the stage in the Church at Roodebloem studios.

As the night unfolded, the contrast between the photographers, their subject matter, and their approach became more evident. Stefano Moro van Wyk is much more calculated and builds an image step by step from concept to clicking the button. Andile Buka is free, involved in the moment, but still conceptual.

Our emerging photographer Andile Buka talks about growing up in Soweto, falling in love with film photography as a student, and the challenge of building a career as an up-and-coming photographer in South Africa.

Our established photographer Stefano Moro van Wyk, discusses his immaculate attention to detail and the conceptual thinking behind some of his favourite images. Watch the full length video; a long talk where he explains the importance of good taste, a good team and being able to adapt and innovate.

Portraits of the guests were taken on the Hasselblad H6D and a Briese 180 from Sunshine Company.

Sponsored by: Striped Horse, BOS Ice Tea, Zang, Welbedacht, Roodebloem Studios, Sunshine Company.

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