Technical Photographic Courses

The courses are focused on practical and technical photographic skills required to successfully build a career in the commercial photographic industry. The academy allows students to bridge the gap between tertiary and set, allowing them to up-skill themselves to work within the professional photographic industry in South Africa and abroad.

Courses – Next Up

Production Management Training Course by Gary Hirson


Cost: R3450.00 (Vat Incl.)
Dates: 8 – 12 January 2018

This 5-day course will get you started as a Production Assistant (PA) while educating and fast tracking you to becoming a Production Manager (PM). With the content of this course, especially for very inexperienced/first-time crew, you will slip seamlessly into the crew as a competent PA with the idea that within a few jobs / 1 season, you will be able to operate as a PM.

What you need:

  • A valid drivers license.
  • A Professional Driving Permit – which will be discussed on registration of the course.
  • Enthusiasm to learn about an industry that’s fun to be a part of.

The following will be covered:

  • Pre-Production – all that’s needed before the international clients arrive.
  • The Production – everything related to running an on-set production.
  • Post Production – tying up everything completely .
  • Leadership Skills D evelopment – The leadership qualities needed while being involved with a production.

On completion of the workshop, you will receive:

  • A certificate to present to the Production Companies.
  • A reference upon request.
  • Interviews with Production Companies.
  • A list of Production Companies to contact for work.

Courses – Coming soon


Seb Voigt’s Assisting Course

Big Time Studios is offering a 4-day course aimed at equipping candidates in professional photographic assisting. This type of training offers an extensive and detailed look at theoretical and practical components necessary to assist in any given professional photographic setting. If you are interested, please contact Seb Voigt.

The course is designed to empower the students with vital knowledge / techniques / introduction to professional grade technology that is often overlooked by institutions that teach photography.


The CCA Way: Technical Lighting

The CCA way teaches technical lighting techniques across a wide range of lighting styles, lighting brands and on-set lighting scenarios. The course is designed to present assistants with a collection of modules specifically designed to educate and enrich the assistant’s knowledge on manipulating light.

Some of the available modules include:

  •  The 3 Generations of Profoto
  • Balancing Daylight and Flash
  • Getting to Know Briese
  • The basics of Broncolor

The CCA Way: Digital Workflow

The Digital Workflow course covers all aspects required to be set-ready as a digital operator.The primary job of the digital assistant is to process the images taken by the photographer into an organized session on the computer. The digital assistant should be well versed in Capture One, Lightroom, PhotoShop, should be capable of  editing images and should be familiar with all Pocket Wizard and flash sync devices as well as troubleshooting them.

Some of the available modules include:

  • Basic preferences for on-set workflow
  • Capture One Tools & Shortcuts
  • Backing up on set
  • Creating Moodboards
  • Process Recipes

Advanced Retouching

The Advanced Retouching course covers various methods and tricks used in retouching. The course will be taught by a group of professional industry retouchers and is aimed at equipping the attendee with the various tools and styles of retouching.

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