Our Company

In 2014, a group of photography graduates saw a need to create a platform from which they can expand the network of photographers they work for and learn from. This led the group to the idea of establishing a crew sourcing agency with a special focus on photographic assistants. Since its inception the Collective organically developed into a team-based photographic assistant agency in the Cape Town production industry.

This new model of booking photographic assistants proved to be popular amongst both clients and crew, and as such the Collective grew to a team of 30 photographic assistants in the 2016/2017 season.

A Creative Pipeline

At CCA our goal is to foster the development of young creatives in Cape Town. We are skills development focussed and provide extensive free company training to all of our new crew, we provide young creatives the opportunity to build valuable relationships that will help kickstart their careers and we afford them the opportunity to hone their technical skills to the highest level.

Life On Set – Managed

We understand that having familiar faces on set is advantageous. This is why our aim as an agency is to foster a positive relationship between the assistants and the photographers they work with.

At CCA we strive to pair three assistants of the same calibre with each photographer we service. Therefore, if a photographer’s first option is unavailable for a job, his second or third option will be able to fill in. This model allows photographers to consistently work with the assistants they know and trust.

Centralised Crew Sourcing

CCA’s centralised back office aims to ease the assistant booking process for the client by providing a single contact point for all booking, communication and invoicing requirements. The CCA management team guarantees a quick response to all enquiries. We find our clients enjoy this service in such high-paced industry. When booking assistants, clients can request the profiles of available assistants or ask the agent to recommend the most appropriate assistant for the job.

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